Article : Analytical Thinking Skills And Its Importance At Higher Education For Interior Designers


Analytical Thinking Skills And Its Importance At Higher Education For Interior Designers


Fariel Khan

The current trend of teaching-learning pedagogies at higher education, especially in architecture and interior design program focuses on developing student’s analytical-thinking skill. These skills allow students to think critically, apply their reasoning-power to identify the correct design-solution. But unfortunately, the learning attributes of group of students of Interior Design program were towards the basic cognitive-level of memorizing. They were passive-learners and could hardly respond to questions which require higher cognitive-level of analyzing. To overcome this situation, a classroom-participatory action-research was conducted with the aim to find out different ways to develop student’s analytical thinking skills. All together 65 students participated in this action-research. They were the students of 300 level of Interior design Program at University of Bahrain. The research was conducted through three cycles; pre-cycle, cycle-01 and cycle-02 and continued for a period of three months. In pre-cycle, the research highlighted the exiting teaching-learning condition and to find out the need to introspect new teaching strategies. In the next two cycles the learning-theory of ‘learning-by-doing’ of constructivism-theory were implemented. All the primary data of this action-research were collected through results of class tests, focus group interview and questionnaire survey, whereas, the secondary data were collected from literature reviews. The research concluded that, introspecting new learning-theory of constructivism could transform students from passive to active-learner and could successfully change their approaches towards learning. This teaching learning strategies also impacted deeply on developing student’s analytical-thinking-skills. Finally, the research recommended to implement teaching-learning theory of constructivism across all higher-education program at local and international-level.

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