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iJARS International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies publishes Research Papers in the various mainstream and allied streams of Humanities and Social studies. It is administered by prestigious iJARS Group. To know about publisher,please click here.

iJARS  International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies is (iJARS-IJHSS) contributes to Research by identifying and acknowledging innovative Genuine Research Publications which are in line with the recent advancements in humanities and social science stream. The journal is instrumental in publishing high quality theoretical research to application development. iJARS-IJHSS provides an intellectual platform for the scholars across the globe to contribute their ideas,discuss and derive conclusions which when applied will be beneficial for betterment of human society.

In the past two decades, Humanities and Social Studies has been an underrated stream of Research and Studies. However, Recent Surveys have conclusively shown that Applied Research & Studies in this field gives society a demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems. iJARS Group provides a platform for promoting Research and Studies in this field through iJARS-IJHSS

The vast Research Areas considered under our Journal are English Language & Literature, Communicative English, Languages & Society, Languages & Education, Etiquette & Soft-Skills, Behavioral Science, Psychology, Cultural and Cross-cultural Studies, History and Heritage, Geography and Geology, Sociology, Media, Journalism, Political Science, Public Administration, Social Welfare, etc 

iJARS-IJHSS invites  Genuine Research Papers, Review Articles, Empirical Research Notes, Reports, Surveys, Case-Studies, Commentaries etc for publishing in Regular and Special Issues.

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Recently published articles

iJARS/1578 Colonial Influence on Literature and Indian Response

Author/s: Alstyne Victor K.

iJARS/1584 Accessibility and Microbiological Quality of Drinking Water in Lubumbashi Health Area in the City of Lubumbashi-DRC

Author/s: Kalaka Mayur C., Mulungulungu N. Déogracias, D. Badibanga Kasumpa, Mbuya Umba C., Kasongo Mulimbi C.

Upcoming Special Issues

Recent Trends in English Language & Literature

English Language and Literature- iJARS Int. Journal of Humanities and Social Studies. Topics: Pedagogy of English Language, Modernism in Literature,Best practices in Language Teaching, English as a medium of solidarity, Popular culture in Language Learnin

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